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What Is A Club Fitting ? 

Club fitting is a process used to customize golf clubs to best suit a golfer's individual swing characteristics, physical attributes, and playing style. The goal of club fitting is to optimize a golfer's performance by ensuring that the clubs they use are specifically tailored to their needs and abilities.

What happens during a fitting?

  1. Swing Analysis: The club fitter will observe the golfer's swing, looking at factors such as swing speed, swing path, club face angle, and ball flight.

  2. Player Assessment: The golfer's physical attributes, including height, arm length, hand size, and posture, are taken into account to determine the appropriate club specifications.

  3. Shaft Selection: The club fitter will help the golfer choose the right type and flex of the shaft that matches their swing speed and tempo.

  4. Clubhead Selection: Based on the swing analysis, the appropriate clubhead design, loft, and lie angle are determined to achieve optimal launch conditions and accuracy.

  5. Grip Selection: The golfer's hand size and grip preference are considered to select the most suitable grip.

  6. Club Length: The club fitter will determine the ideal length of the clubs to ensure proper posture and consistent ball striking.


How do you prepare ?

  1. Research and choose a reputable club fitter with experienced professionals and advanced fitting technology.

  2. Understand your golf game, noting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

  3. Set clear goals for the fitting, such as improving distance, accuracy, or consistency.

  4. Bring your current clubs for analysis and comparison.

  5. Dress in golf attire and comfortable shoes to swing naturally.

  6. Arrive early to warm up before the fitting session.

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